Car Park Cleaning Services That Create a Lasting First Impression

Your car park is more than just a place for your customers and visitors to leave their vehicle; it’s often the first impression they have of your business. At KCS, we understand that a clean and well-maintained car park reflects your commitment to quality and professionalism. With our specialised car park cleaning services, we ensure that your parking facilities are in pristine condition, welcoming your visitors with a clear message of excellence.

Comprehensive Benefits of Our Car Park Cleaning Services

  • First Impressions: A clean car park sets the tone, communicating that your business cares about details and cleanliness.
  • Safety Enhancement: Regular maintenance reduces the risk of accidents caused by spills, oil, or other slippery substances.
  • Prolonged Surface Life: Our cleaning methods prevent long-term damage and wear, extending the lifespan of the surfaces.
  • Positive Customer Experience: A well-maintained car park adds to the overall satisfaction of your customers and visitors.
  • Eco-Friendly Solutions: Our commitment to the environment means using safe and environmentally friendly cleaning agents and techniques, aligning with your sustainability goals.
  • Cost-Effective Maintenance: Regular cleaning with KCS saves money in the long term, preventing costly repairs and replacements.

Multi-Storey Car Park Cleaning

Multi-storey car parks are an essential aspect of urban architecture, serving businesses, shopping centres, and residential areas. At KCS, we offer comprehensive multi-storey car park cleaning that encompasses High Level, Soffit, Wall, and Floor Cleaning. Whether it’s resin decks, tarmac, or concrete, our specialised team utilises the latest technology to ensure thorough cleaning that revives and rejuvenates every aspect of your structure. Partnering with KCS guarantees a well-maintained and professionally deep-cleaned multi-storey car park that stands as a testament to quality and safety.

Deep Cleaning For Your Car Park

Deep cleaning is a meticulous process that includes the cleaning of floors, walls, soffits, and high-level areas within your car park. Our deep cleaning services at KCS encompass high and low-pressure washing techniques, soft washing, vacuuming, and specialised stain removal. By penetrating every nook and cranny, including hard-to-reach areas, we restore your car park to its original beauty. A regularly cleaned car park, inclusive of all surfaces, works wonders for your image and reputation, and our fully trained technicians are here to ensure that excellence is achieved with every clean.

At KCS, we understand that your business operations are paramount. That’s why our self-contained, vehicle-mounted cleaning system allows us to schedule cleaning at times that fit with your business hours, including out-of-hours cleaning.

Partner with KCS for your car park cleaning, and experience the transformation that reflects your commitment to quality, hygiene, and aesthetics. Our reliable and experienced team is here to provide solutions that suit your specific needs. Contact us today to find out more about our comprehensive car park cleaning services and see how we can make a difference for your business.


View images of our car park cleaning service in action below, a visual showcase of our high-quality work.

Safety is Paramount

At KCS, the safety of our staff, customers, and the general public is of the utmost importance. Our team is fully trained and qualified in all matters related to safety, and we have implemented a number of measures to ensure that our cleaning services are carried out in a safe and responsible manner. Additionally, we have strict safety protocols in place to protect our staff, customers, and the general public while we are on the job. We believe that these efforts are crucial to our success as a company, and we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of safety in everything we do. For more information, please read our Health & Safety page.

Why Choose Us?

KCS have grown from our roots as a local window cleaning business to a nationwide cleaning company, serving some of the best-known names in the country. Safety, quality, and value are at the heart of our success, and we are dedicated to delivering a great service.

Experienced Cleaners

With over 70 years of experience in the cleaning industry, we have a long history of providing expert cleaning services to a wide range of clients.

Reputable Company

We have built a strong reputation as a reliable and cost-effective cleaning partner, delivering services that make a positive difference to our clients.

Quality Services

Kingston Cleaning Services is committed to delivering high-quality cleaning services that meet the needs and expectations of all our clients in Hull & across the UK.

Client Reviews

KCS have worked in partnership for over 15 years delivering a fantastic standard in helping maintain the fabric of a number of schools in the Leeds area. Their work has included cleaning every area of our schools, from roofs, render, windows, paving to the internal areas of kitchens, deep cleaning of clean rooms and high level atriums. They have also supported the school in reactive cleans to such as guano issues, floods and graffiti problems. We have always found them supportive and willing to respond to any request always making safety number priority at a very competitive price.

Mick Fox, Contracts Manager,

We have used Kingston Cleaning Services as a contractor for many years now. We have used them for various works, internally and externally. They carry out our site gutter cleans nationally. Cleaning some 180 stores throughout the country. They also  clean up the fascias of retail park or high street stores, cleaning of windows including high level.  Then following internal shopfitting works, they give the stores a full clean up from top to bottom, to ensure they are ready for trade. All works are completed in a professional manner and often done to tight schedules. We also get a full report with pictures with photos showing before and after pictures, so we would highly recommend their services.

Mark Riley, Central Shopfitter Ltd

We have been using Kingston Cleaning Services for 6yrs, they clean all our windows and our silo bases and tops. They have very high standards and every job they complete meets our standards. The operatives they have working for them are always smart and clean and are always polite. Every job we have had done comes with risk assessment and method statement and all is adhered to. They are a very professional team. The staff and management always go the extra mile to complete jobs to the high standard that is expected from contractors when coming on to our site.

Darren Marsh

We have worked with KCS since we moved into our new premises and over that time the service they have provided has been excellent, so much so that we have more than doubled the amount of cleaning hours they carry out for us on a weekly basis. They are always quick to react to any issues which may arise and their management are always available and keen to make sure the job gets done. We have recently started using KCS to supply all our consumables. Transferring to them means we have only one supplier for everything and we have saved money by moving to them.

Hayley Egan, Etherington Group Ltd

Sewell FM has been working with KCS for 10 years now and the company has become a reliable partner, not just to Sewell FM, but also to Sewell Construction and Sewell Retail. KCS is always responsive to any ad hoc or emergency works that need carrying out as well as working well with us on our pre-planned works. They always strive to get the job done and have a great team with great knowledge behind them. The whole team is a pleasure to deal with.

jim Prest, Sewell FM

Wykeland has worked with KCS since they took over window cleaning at one of our properties 10 years ago. Since then we have forged a valuable relationship with the team and they now carry out works across our property portfolio. They are our first port of call for all our cleaning requirements, from window cleaning to high level works. Jamie and his team are always available at short notice and provide an excellent service.

Brigham Coneyworth, Wykeland Group

Our Clients

We take pride in the diverse range of clients we have had the opportunity to serve, from homeowners and small local businesses to large national companies. We are honoured to have worked with some well-known businesses including the following: