Kingston Cleaning Services (KCS) has invested in a new pressure washing system to support its team in the provision of specialist cleaning services.

The new (insert brand) pressure washer has been purchased to help remove dirt, grime and slime on surfaces which require jet washing. This method is ideal for removing moss, algae, fungi and dirt which as well as being aesthetically unappealing, can affect the structure of a building.

KCS has provided cleaning services to Yorkshire’s offices, businesses, schools, hospitals and other public buildings for more than 70 years. It has recently invested in a new range of specialist equipment to support cleaning projects on buildings with difficult access requirements.

KCS’s dedicated team is available whenever required, working regular hours, nights or weekends to accommodate any schedule customers require. The KCS team can provide solutions for a range of cleaning needs, including high-level cleaning, gutter cleaning, carpet cleaning, commercial kitchen cleaning and more.