Operatives from Kingston Cleaning Services (KCS) have achieved two different vocational qualifications, enabling them to carry out a range of cleaning techniques more effectively and safely.

The NVQ Level 2 Certificate in Cleaning and Support Service Skills demonstrates that our employees have achieved a total of 18 credits from three different groups of skills. Not only does this include a range of cleaning disciplines, it also encompasses interpersonal skills such as communicating in the workplace.

Secondly, the Mansafe systems training course qualifies operatives in rooftop safety/work restraint. As a good deal of the specialist cleaning carried out by KCS’s operatives is done on or at rooftop level, this is a very important qualification. It enables them to carry out pre-use checks and use pre-installed access systems, and set up work restraint systems for fall prevention using a variety of different techniques and equipment.

Equipment used during training includes:

  • Full body harnesses
  • Work restraint and fall arrest lanyards
  • Work positioning systems
  • Horizontal trans fastener type systems
  • Temporary horizontal safety lines
  • Permanently installed vertical systems
  • Double lanyards