Guano cleaning

Guano is the formal name for bird droppings. It is a highly toxic substance which, even in small amounts, can be harmful to human health. It can also cause damage to buildings if not dealt with effectively, leading to corrosion or decay of the brickwork or masonry.

The regular use of a specialist cleaning service is crucial to keep buildings clean, maintain their structural integrity and the health of all building users.

KCS are access specialists and can reach all areas of buildings to carefully remove guano. Our operatives use a variety of access equipment for the cleaning of guano, working on buildings of all kinds, as regularly as is needed to keep them in first-class condition.

Fire and flood damage (emergencies)

When emergencies arise, you need a specialist who can respond immediately and restore your premises to their original condition.

Our teams are mobilised to attend jobs in all parts of the UK and are highly experienced in dealing with the time-sensitive damage and mess caused by fires and floods.

For example, leftover traces of soot and smoke on the interior of a room and its contents will continue to wreak havoc after a fire incident. Ash residue corrodes any surface it comes into contact with over time.

Similarly, water damage needs to be dealt with straight away to minimise secondary damage, including extensive drying and dehumidifying.

We will act straight away to recover your buildings and contents with a professional cleaning service that will ensure your premises are safe, clean and ready for business as soon as possible.