Lifting platforms (operated by our IPAF trained specialists)

The International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) is a not-for-profit member organisation promoting the safe and effective use of powered access equipment worldwide. Our specialists have undergone IPAF training programmes conforming to the international standard ISO 18878 Mobile Elevating Work Platforms – Operator (driver) training.

KCS has two mobile elevating operating platforms (MEWPs) with a dedicated driver and operator that are available for hire for a wide range of projects. Each piece of high-quality equipment is each suited to a range of different specialist works, making them a reliable choice for any working environment.

Our 27m vehicle-mounted platform is suited to more challenging outdoor jobs, with an impressive reach of over 13m. It can rotate 90 degrees each way, making it ideal for work that requires operators to manoeuvre around large obstacles, such as between trees or through narrow gaps.

Our 23m spider lift is ideal for working in restricted space, with the ability to reach 11.2m horizontally. The lift is small and agile, and its compact size means that it can gain access to interior sites through narrow doorways. It is also suitable for use on uneven terrain, with an automatic levelling system and outriggers keeping operators secure at all times.

ManSafe systems (operated by our ManSafe trained specialists)

Our specialists are trained in the use of ManSafe systems. This allows them to safely and expertly access rooftops or similar areas of buildings using pre-installed fall arrest systems, as well as using work restraint techniques to carry out work at height.

We routinely use:

  • Full body harnesses
  • Work restraint and fall arrest lanyards
  • Work positioning systems
  • Horizontal trans-fastener systems
  • Temporary horizontal safety lines
  • Permanently installed vertical systems
  • Double lanyards

Specialist IRATA trained abseil teams

Rope access is arguably the safest method known to the industry of reaching high and awkward places. Industrial rope access has been developed by the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA) for over 25 years to the point where it is the first choice of access in a wide range of projects in construction, civil engineering and the built and natural environment.

Our specialists are trained in the latest rope access/abseil techniques. Working from fail-safe anchors and using high strength industrial ropes, we can access and work on the sides of buildings, covering large areas smoothly and effectively by moving vertically and laterally with ease.