At Kingston Cleaning Services (KCS), we believe in building strong, long-lasting relationships with our clients. One of our most significant partnerships over the past two decades has been with Sewell Facilities Management. This collaboration has not only helped us grow but has also shown us the immense value of transforming supplier-client relationships into true partnerships.

The Journey to Partnership

When we first started working with Sewell FM 18 years ago, we were a small team of cleaners. Today, thanks to this partnership, we deliver cleaning services to over 1,000 buildings across the UK. This journey has been marked by mutual trust, understanding, and a shared commitment to quality and excellence.

The Benefits of Our Partnership

  • Consistent Quality: Over the years, we’ve become well-versed in Sewell FM’s standards and expectations. This deep understanding allows us to maintain consistent quality and quickly address any issues that arise, ensuring smooth operations.
  • In-depth Understanding: Working closely with Sewell FM has enabled us to understand their business intricately. We know their buildings and assets as well as they do, allowing us to anticipate and resolve issues before they become problems. For instance, when a specialist part was going out of stock, we preemptively secured a batch, ensuring uninterrupted service for Sewell FM.
  • Cost Efficiency: Long-standing relationships foster better rates and stability. Knowing that Sewell FM is committed to our partnership allows us to plan ahead, invest in our team and equipment, and provide enhanced services at competitive rates. This cost efficiency benefits both of us and ultimately our clients.
  • Flexibility and Innovation: Our close relationship with Sewell FM means we can have frank, informal conversations that lead to innovative solutions. This flexibility was evident when Sewell FM needed an urgent deep clean for a new building. We rearranged our entire schedule to meet their needs, showcasing our ability to adapt and deliver quickly.
  • Mutual Investment: Our partnership has also allowed for mutual investment. Sewell FM supports our sustainability goals, and we, in turn, offer them priority access to our new services. This symbiotic relationship has driven both our growth and success.

Real-Life Impact

Katie Crosby, Business Manager at Sewell FM, perfectly captures the essence of our partnership: “Working with Kingston Cleaning Services feels like we’re working with an in-house team. Recently, they rearranged their entire schedule to accommodate an urgent deep clean for a new client building.”

Sean Carrison, Managing Director of KCS, adds, “The trust from Sewell FM has been a huge driver in our expansion, allowing us to train staff and ensure a consistent pipeline of work.”

Looking Ahead

As we continue to grow and evolve, we remain committed to nurturing and expanding our partnerships. Our journey with Sewell FM has shown us that moving from suppliers to partners brings significant benefits, fostering growth, efficiency, and mutual success. We look forward to many more years of collaboration and shared achievements.

For more information about our services or to discuss how we can partner with your business, please contact us at or call our offices in Hull and Leeds. Let’s build the future together.