Here at KCS, we’re always looking for ways to better serve our clients, and we’re thrilled to announce our latest investment: the Atex A37. This innovative equipment is specifically designed for cleaning hazardous dust in environments like factories and warehouses, where combustible dust is prevalent.

The A37 is not just any cleaning machine; it’s tailored to tackle the challenges of a Zone 22 area. For those unfamiliar, a Zone 22 is defined as a space where an explosive mix of air and flammable substances such as powder or dust may not always be present but can arise and persist briefly. These conditions are typically found in storage areas, but can also be found in process areas.

At Kingston Cleaning Services, we prioritise safety, efficiency, and the best results for our clients. Our recent acquisition of the Atex A37 reaffirms our commitment to these values. If you operate in an environment prone to combustible dust and want the most effective cleaning solution available, get in touch with us today.