Kingston Cleaning Services recently uncovered a historical sign belonging to Billy Bly, Hull City’s legendary goalkeeper and longest-serving player, while working in their former unit on Boothferry Road. Billy Bly, who served the club from 1937 to 1960, owned a sweet shop near Boothferry Park, which he designed and operated in the late 1950s. The sign, rediscovered by KCS, has now been returned to Bly’s son and is proudly displayed at the KC Stadium, celebrating Bly’s dual legacy as a footballer and local businessman.

The framed display, featuring photos from 1958 and 2014, commemorates the history of Bly’s shop and his contributions to the community. This tribute at the KC Stadium honors Bly’s memory and highlights the rich heritage of Hull City, with KCS playing a key role in preserving this piece of local history.